Vanessa Carlton Shares “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” From Upcoming ‘Blue Pool’ EP

Vanessa Carlton has been gearing up to release her long-awaited new album, Liberman, in the last few months. The record won’t be out until October, but Vanessa has decided to whet our appetite with some new songs in the meantime. Following this spring’s “Young Heart” and “Blue Pool,” the latest is a Live Living Room Session version of “Nothing Where Something Used To Be.” The song, also known by an alternate title of “Do It,” has an innocent conviction to it, one that you would have found in Vanessa’s earliest songs on Be Not Nobody. It’s a dreamy and infectious song where the vocals and lyrics take center stage against minimalistic music.

Vanessa described “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” to Paste Magazine:

I like to call this song my teen break-up anthem. It’s not just for teenagers. Nothing is just for teenagers. The whole ‘do it’ section in the song is about wishing someone was more courageous and open with you. I think nothing is more attractive than someone who is able to show you all their cards. So if you are on a love cliff—that super high and terrifying cliff—jump. Just jump.

“Nothing Where Something Used To Be” will appear on Vanessa’s upcoming Blue Pool EP, due on July 24th. For now we have an exclusive listen to the EP’s closing track:

“Nothing Where Something Used To Be” will be released on the upcoming 4-song EP, Blue Pool, out on July 24th. The Blue Pool EP track listing is as follows:

  1. “Take It Easy”
  2. “Blue Pool”
  3. “Operator” (Live Living Room Session)
  4. “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” (Live Living Room Session)

While the first two songs, “Take It Easy” and “Blue Pool,” will also appear on the upcoming full-length album, the latter two tracks are exclusive to the EP. Vanessa’s fifth album, Liberman, will released in late October.

Look out for the Blue Pool EP on July 24th, and announcements regarding Liberman – due this fall via Dine Alone Records – will be made soon. Liberman will be reportedly released with a double album deluxe version as well! You can read up on all we know about Liberman so far, and see what songs will likely appear on the album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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