Garbage’s Huge 20th Anniversary Re-Release Due October 2nd

Flashback 20 years to a time when alternative rock and a band called Garbage ruled the radio. Hits like “Only Happy When It Rains” and “Stupid Girl” were dark yet fiery, and it seemed like everyone loved Garbage. In the decades since then, the band has continued to put out unique and powerful music, and has solidified themselves as an important part of music’s recent history.

Those of you who want to re-live the glory days of the ’90s – or those of you who missed the fun the first time around and are ready to join in now – will by happy to know that Garbage is officially re-releasing their self-titled debut album. Garbage was originally released on August 15, 1995, and now on October 2, 2015, it will be reborn with a super deluxe package including dozens of extra goodies.

Garbage 20th Anniversay CD
Garbage 20th Anniversay Vinyl

On CD, you can now pre-order the 20th Anniversary Deluxe CD package, which includes the original Garbage album as well as a disc full of their b-sides (or as those in the Garbage camp like to call them, g-sides). If you’re more into vinyl, you can get the same set of songs in LP form, along with a limited edition 12-page fan-generated zine and an autographed 10×10 photo of the band. It’s also 21st century ready, as it comes with an instant download of all 21 songs.

But for those extra ambitious hardcore Garbage fans, you may need to go digital: iTunes has a 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe issue of Garbage, including the aforementioned original tracks and g-sides, as well as 35 remixes, 6 demos, and the special single “#1 Crush.” That totals to 62 songs.

When you pre-order the Garbage anniversary collection, you’ll also get an instant download of the “Subhuman” Supersize Remix:

Garbage is certainly generous, and you won’t want to miss out on this huge anniversary celebration. The band is currently embarking on a 20 Years Queer tour in support of their Garbage re-issue. Be sure to pre-order any of the Garbage 20th Anniversary packages – whether on CD, vinyl, or digital. The album will be out on October 2, 2015.

Meanwhile, Garbage is also working on their 6th studio album. It is nearly finished now, and should be out early in 2016. Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news.

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