Avril Lavigne & Demi Lovato Recording Fall Out Boy-Penned Song For New Movie

In case you haven’t heard, a new animated film is in the works, and it stars a handful of well-known singers lending their vocal talents to the princess characters. Charming will feature Avril Lavigne voicing Snow White, Ashley Tisdale as Cinderella, and Chinese superstar G.E.M. as Sleeping Beauty. Demi Lovato is voicing the lead character, Lenore. But the four girls aren’t just speaking in the movie – they’ll also be recording a new song together.

Fall Out Boy are the writers behind the new song. In a new interview with InStyle, G.E.M. talked about the track: “The whole experience is phenomenal. It’s going to be my very first song in English. I’m quite nervous.” There are no details about the song’s title, what the lyrics are about, or how the song will sound. Knowing Fall Out Boy, we can probably expect to hear some clever lyrics and plays on words. Also, given the musical backgrounds of the involved artists, the song is likely to have a pop rock style.

Fall Out Boy 2015

According to Hollywood Reporter, Charming “reinvents the stories of three familiar princesses — Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty — in the unfamiliar plot twist of all being engaged to Prince Charming. Wilmer Valderrama will be playing Prince Charming. The comedic film was written and directed by Ross Venokur. Charming is expected to be out sometime in 2016, and we will likely hear the song then. Keep checking back here for all the latest news on Charming and the new song.

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