Ellie Goulding Drops New Single “On My Mind” From Upcoming Album ‘Delirium’

Ellie Goulding has been hyping up her upcoming album for a few months now. After releasing her massive hit “Love Me Like You Do” earlier this year, it was clear people were more than ready for her next album. Ellie is finally ready to kick off the new era with her lead single, “On My Mind.” It will appear on her third studio album, Delirium, out on November 6th.

“On My Mind” was produced by Max Martin, and seems to be a direct response to Ed Sheeran’s 2014 track “Don’t.” The pair had brief relations that apparently didn’t end well, but both deny writing a song about the the other. Nonetheless, heartache makes for a great song, and “On My Mind” is a pop banger that gets better with each listen. A music video is in the works, but for now we have the official audio to enjoy:

Spotify – via Iframely

The new record, Delirium, will be out in just two months. You can see the full track listing below. With 22 songs, it’s a generous pop offering. You may recognize Ellie’s 50 Shades Of Grey smash, “Love Me Like You Do,” and her Calvin Harris collab “Outside,” but the rest are all new. Tracks 17-22 are exclusive to the deluxe edition.

  1. Intro (Delirium)
  2. Aftertaste
  3. Something In The Way You Move
  4. Keep On Dancin’
  5. On My Mind
  6. Around U
  7. Codes
  8. Holding On For Life
  9. Love Me Like You Do
  10. Don’t Need Nobody
  11. Don’t Panic
  12. We Can’t Move To This
  13. Army
  14. Lost And Found
  15. Devotion
  16. Scream It Out
  17. The Greatest
  18. I Do What I Love
  19. Paradise
  20. Winner
  21. Heal
  22. Outside

Ellie recently told Billboard about the new album and the big direction she’s going in:

I don’t really know why this word seems appropriate but it’s definitely bigger. Whether that means it’s more adventurous, or a bit more ambitious, or a bit more daring, I don’t know. But I’m certainly taking on something a lot bigger than I have before and sonically it’s a lot bigger. I feel like there were maybe certain restrictions on the last album. But I’m at a point now with this album where it’s just taken on a new life now of its own and I can’t stop it.

She has also described the new record as being summery: “It’s summery. It’s pop-y and it’s got a summer feeling, but it’s more of an end-of-summer feeling. It’s kind of heartbreaking at times, but it’s also uplifting.”

Delirium will be out on November 6th, featuring  the new single “On My Mind,” as well as “Love Me Like You Do.” You can pre-order Delirium on iTunes now and get an instant download of “On My Mind,” or go to Ellie’s official store to pre-order physical packages. Keep checking back here for all the latest Ellie Goulding music news.

Ellie Goulding Delirium

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