Stream Vanessa Carlton’s New Album, Liberman, Ahead Of Official Release

Vanessa Carlton’s new album, Liberman, will be released in one week. Although it’s been a long wait – the album was ready a full year ago – Vanessa has kept fans happy with a constant supply of new songs throughout 2015. After sharing a non-album track called “Young Heart” last spring, Vanessa released the four-song Blue Pool EP previewing the new album. With singles “Willows” and “Operator” already out, the songs on Liberman will be familiar and welcoming.

Ahead of its official release, Liberman is now streaming in its entirety exclusively from Entertainment Weekly. Vanessa also told EW about the new songs and the meaning behind them. One connecting factor, and the album’s ultimate namesake, was a painting from her grandfather, whose last name was Liberman.

There’s this painting — my grandfather was a painter — that my grandmother gave me of his when he passed. It has all these amazing bright pastels colors and it occurred to me that every time I wrote for the upcoming record, I was looking at this painting. That’s where those lush feelings of melodies wrapping around you come from, that’s what that painting feels like to me.

Vanessa also spoke about the femininity of her new music:

I wanted it sonically to feel like a woman’s mind. Like in “Blue Pool,” the lyric is based on The Secret Garden, equating that to a woman’s mind and then the chorus is the feeling of the feminine, opening the door to the woman’s mind. It’s totally dreamy.

And although Vanessa is only 34 years old, she’s lived enough to become reflective. This has come out in the new songs:

I know I’m not that old. But there are times where I feel so ancient in such a relieving way; I’ve finally gone through enough of a chunk of time to begin reflection.

These are just some of the themes and moods that weave their way through Liberman. Head over to EW below for an exclusive streaming premiere of the new album. Liberman will officially be released on October 23rd, and we will include a full review then. Keep checking back for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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