Adele Is Back With A Dramatic “Hello” & A Cinematic Music Video

“Hello,” Adele croons on her big comeback single. After four years away from the industry, Adele’s new lead single is a fitting salutation promising a more of the heartfelt radio hits that filled our souls in 2011. Adele’s new album, 25, will be out on November 20th, and our first hint of its sounds comes in the form of “Hello” and its cinematic music video.

“Hello” is the kind of soulful ballad Adele does best, starting with a simplistic piano-and-vocal verse that finds Adele admitting she hasn’t done much healing in the time that’s passed. The chorus brings her anticipated belted vocals as she apologizes for breaking hearts. The music video matches the mood and enormity of the song. It was directed by Xavier Dolan and filmed in the countryside surrounding Montreal, and “Hello” appropriately plays like a high-budget film. Adele wanders around her country home, trying to reach a man who never seems to answer. It’s a stunning video and song, and a grand return for Adele.

Watch the music video for “Hello” below:

Adele recently spoke to Sirius XM about coming up with “Hello” –

This song was a massive breakthrough for me with my writing because it’d been pretty slow up to this point, and I felt after I worked with [“Hello” producer] Greg [Kurstin] on this, it all poured right out of me. Straight away, I felt a little bit silly singing ‘Hello, it’s me,’ but straight away I loved the verse and I knew it was going to be the first thing I came back with me.

She also described the rest of the music on her new album, 25:

There is some darkness on it just because I like to do dramatic, I’m a bit of a drama queen. It’s not as themed as my last record. The reason I labeled it a ‘make-up record,’ it sounds super cliché, but my last record was labeled a ‘break-up record,’ and rightly so, because it was a break-up record. This record is all about how I feel as opposed to how someone else has made me feel, it’s about how I made myself feel.

25 will be out on November 20th, but if you pre-order it on iTunes, you can get an instant download of “Hello.” The album features 11 new songs, and Target will have an exclusive deluxe version with three extra bonus tracks. Keep checking back here for all the latest Adele music news.

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