The All-American Rejects Debut Reflective “There’s A Place” Music Video

It’s been more than three years since the All-American Rejects have put out new music, but their new single “There’s A Place” was worth the wait. Tyson Ritter wrote the song for the upcoming comedy-drama film, Miss You Already, in which he also acts alongside Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. The movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke and will be out in just one week.

“There’s A Place” is a somber, reflective song of unrequited love and hard goodbyes. It has a more stripped-down musical style with soft drums and bass and strummed guitar. The music video features Tyson wandering a dark street with only his guitar for company, looking in the window to see a woman he seems to long for. Throughout the video, Tyson ages until his hair is all white and his face is filled with wrinkles: Time has passed and he’s still waiting, stuck in the past. The rest of the band plays calmly in an alley, not feeling those harsh effects of time.

Watch the filmic “There’s A Place” music video below:

Over the last week, Tyson Ritter took to Facebook to explain the inspiration behind “There’s A Place.” It was the first song he had written in two years – since the release of the All-American Rejects’ fourth album, Kids In The Street – and it came to him quickly. He wrote out a detailed explanation and filmed two short videos about how “There’s A Place” came to him and what it means:

Miss You Already will be in theaters on November 6th, starring Tyson Ritter alongside Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. As with the music video, the movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. You can download “There’s A Place” on iTunes now. The All-American Rejects have not mentioned any concrete plans about a new album, but hopefully “There’s A Place” is just the start of new music from the band. Keep checking back here for all the latest All-American Rejects news.

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