Avril Lavigne Studio Update: November 2015

Although Avril Lavigne has spent the last year battling a bad case of Lyme Disease, that hasn’t slowed the singer down when it comes to making new music. In April, Avril told Billboard that she had already written a song about her struggle with the disease and that she had plans to record a new album and Christmas record.

After releasing the charity single “Fly,” announcing her role as Snow White in the upcoming animated film Charming, and making time to sing “Complicated” with Taylor Swift, Avril is now hard at work on a new album. Luckily for fans, she’s also sharing plenty of studio pictures as she writes and records.

Yesterday she shared a picture of a piano, with hashtags implying that she’s writing:



Today she’s writing on guitar:



Avril reportedly told a fan that she’s putting off the Christmas album for now to focus on a regular studio album. She also re-affirmed that she was writing more rock-based songs; this is what she had stated in mid-2014 when she first started writing songs for her next album.

However, the recurring appearance of that straw hat in her Instagram pictures – as well as the “YeeHaw” caption – suggest a slightly country style. That might be surprising for Avril Lavigne fans, but remember that she did get her start by singing country covers before releasing Let Go in 2002.

Avril is still in the early stages of writing and recording, but she seems to be very inspired and motivated. It is very likely that her sixth studio album will be released sometime in 2016. Keep checking back here for more updates on Avril Lavigne’s music.

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