Kelly Clarkson Shares “Piece By Piece” Music Video Featuring Daughter

Kelly Clarkson first shared “Piece By Piece” last February, just days before releasing her album of the same name. The title track is among the most personal songs Kelly has ever written, and many describe it as a sequel to her 2005 Breakaway hit, “Because Of You.” While that ballad documented her parents’ divorce and its effects on her ability to form good relationships, “Piece By Piece” finally brings closure.

The song describes how her father was absent from her life, burning holes in her heart and making her wonder her worth. However, despite the so called “daddy issues,” Kelly has been lucky to find true love and commitment in her husband, Brandon. They now have a daughter together, River, to whom Kelly promises to always love and protect; Kelly and Brandon will always put her first. “Piece By Piece” is the happy ending Kelly deserved.

The music video is simplistic, with shots of Kelly and other women through a black and white filter. Though they look upset at first, the ending shows them happy and either pregnant or with small children. It ends with Kelly holding her daughter. It would have been more impactful if the video created more of a story the way “Because Of You” did, and if it featured the original or tour version of “Piece By Piece” rather than the more upbeat radio mix, but nonetheless it is a well-done video for one of Kelly’s best songs.

Watch the “Piece By Piece” music video below:

Kelly also shared a special message about the inspiration behind “Piece By Piece.”

You can buy the radio mix of “Piece By Piece” on iTunes now, or pick up the original album version from Piece By Piece. The album also features the first two singles, “Heartbeat Song” and “Invincible.” Kelly is currently taking it easy, as she is pregnant with her second child. Her son is due in spring 2016. Keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson news.

Kelly Clarkson Piece By Piece Single Cover

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