Panic! At The Disco Presents Classic “Death Of A Bachelor” Music Video

Panic! At The Disco is getting ready to release their fifth album, Death Of A Bachelor, this January. We’ve already heard four songs from the album, including singles “Hallelujah,” “Victorious,” “Emperor’s New Clothes,” and “LA Devotee.” But the now-one-man band is finally ready to unveil the music video for the previously heard title track. “Death Of A Bachelor” sounds like swing meets modern trap and R&B. Brendon Urie’s vocals are grandiose and impressive, and it’s already one of our favorite Panic! songs in their decade-long career. As Brendon explained to Upset Magazine a few months ago:

I wrote a song called “Death of a Bachelor” on piano. It’s very jazzy, very Sinatra-esque so I sung it that way but then put it with this beat that sounds like Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” It’s a bizarre mix but it’s so cool.

Brendon also spoke about the lyrics:

It’s how I felt over the past three years. It’s been a huge change for me, dynamic wise with the band and in my personal life so “Death Of A Bachelor” is succinctly about that. It’s about me putting to bed the past, still having my history but not being that guy anymore. It’s about being so proud that I’ve found someone to spend the rest of my life with. In that sense it’s very romantic in that Sinatra way, but with the mentality of “f*** it, I’m done being a bachelor. Let’s kill that part of me and be reborn as a married man.” I love it, it’s amazing.

The music video does an excellent job of matching the music. It has a classic style, filmed in black and white, and we see a nicely dressed Brendon performing on a fancy stage in an empty ballroom. His only company is the crystal chandelier above him and the vacant seats around the marble floor. He channels his Frank Sinatra charm, giving it his all in a smooth and confident performance. Watch the music video for “Death Of A Bachelor” below:

“Death Of A Bachelor” comes from the album of the same name. The record will be released on January 15th, but you can pre-order Death Of A Bachelor on iTunes now and get instant downloads of the other four singles in the meantime. All five songs sound noticeably different from one another, but they also have the spark that propelled Panic! At The Disco’s first album back in 2005. Keep checking back here for all the latest Panic! At The Disco news, and stay tuned for the new album in just a few weeks.

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