Fall Out Boy’s Latest “Irresistible” Video Recreates NSYNC’s Biggest Hit

Fall Out Boy’s latest single, “Irresistible,” is back with its third music video. Following the standard release in the UK last year, Fall Out Boy have since added Demi Lovato to the mix. She appeared in the new music video featuring Doug The Pug a few months ago, but now the group has another official music video.

The new “Irresistible” video, featuring Demi Lovato, takes us back in time to the year 2000, when boy bands ruled the airwaves. Everyone remembers NSYNC and their toys-brought-to-life video for “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Well now we have an updated version thanks to Fall Out Boy and Demi. The four band members get makeovers into action figures while Demi wanders the store with none other than Joey Fatone. Chris Kirkpatrick also makes a cameo, finding his own doll on the conveyer belt at the start of the clip. It’s a fun music video that will likely be a bit of a flashback for everyone that was into pop music at the turn of the century.

Check out “Irresistible” below:

You may want to revisit NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” now, too.

In announcing the video on Facebook, Fall Out Boy shared the following message:

remember in the 90’s that one boy band- the biggest of them all- *NSYNCwas omnipresent. i think they could have made any throw away video and it would’ve worked because the songs were just that big. as an outsider looking in at the culture the NSYNC videos often seemed artistic and cinematic- every thing i had loved about all those videos i had taped on vhs (years before DVR or youtube was a thing). i was looking back at the video for “its gonna be me” — where they come to life as dolls-and we thought was there an analog to this story? like somewhere in that same store was there a dollar bin full of toy that no one really wanted? that would band together like the misfit, offbrand little outsiders they were. the toys no one ever wanted come to life. where would our band have fit in that story? we called up Wayne Isham, the director who did the original video (as well as some of our other favorite Mötley Crüe and Metallica videos), and pitched ideas back and forth… before long we came with the treatment- and were lucky enough to get a few cameos from the original source wink emoticon as well as our partner in crime on the song Demi Lovato.

i know you don’t have a vhs tape (probably, though there is something about all the screenshots and memes made from our videos that feels pretty close to a modern version of that vhs tape wink emoticon ) to record this. but i hope this video hits you in the same way- that you know we wanted to create something special for everyone that has ever loved an offbrand dollar bin toy, or has felt like one…

believe it or not we still believe in the magic of making these things- thank you for being a part of that with us.

“Irresistible” first appeared on Fall Out Boy’s latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho. The album also includes hits like “Uma Thurman,” “Centuries,” and the title track. Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato reworked the track later in 2015, and you can buy their updated version of “Irresistible” on iTunes now. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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