Hilary Duff Discusses Mixed Feelings About Recording Her Next Album

Last year, Hilary Duff released her first album in 8 years, Breathe In. Breathe Out. Even after such a long break, it was a great album, launched with the pop single “Sparks” and featuring highlights like the Ed Sheeran penned “Tattoo.” But in spite of a strong debut and enthusiasm from fans, the Breathe In. Breathe Out. era was cut short, and Hilary turned to filming season two of her TV series, Younger. Hilary just released a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies” for Younger, and the show has been renewed for season three. Although it’s only been six months, fans are already eager for new about Hilary’s next album. With any luck, we won’t have to wait 8 years this time around!

Last Wednesday, Hilary Duff participated in the Television Critics Association panel with the cast of Younger. During the event, when asked about her music, Hilary assured that being on Younger has not ebbed her desire to do music. She’s worked out a schedule in which she can write new music between her time on the show and hanging out with her son, Luca.

This Monday, Hilary appeared on a radio interview with Sirius XM. When talking about new music, she mentioned that before she records another album, she will need to find herself again and figure out where she wants to go musically.

I will! I’m kind of like… you know, I had my record come out and that was a big step forward because I hadn’t recorded in so long. And so I would choose a different record and to do something different. But it’s like, I gotta find myself again. And it’ll happen. I don’t know if I could ever REALLY tour again, like I have a kid and that’s really important to me. But I love making records, so I’m cool going into the studio, I’m cool writing, I could do promo. But I would never [tour]… it takes so much!

Listen to the full interview below. She starts talking about music around the 4:35 mark:

Yesterday, E! Online shared a new interview with Hilary about her future music plans. As Hilary explained,

I have a little bit of a break before we start shooting again, and I’m trying to decide if I want to make a record or if I want to be a mom. You know. I mean I’m always gonna be a mom, but just be a mom. It’s unfortunate. I think music will always be a part of my life, you know, I have such loyal fans out there, and I think I need to just wrap my head around the fact that like, “I’m gonna make a record and see what sticks,” and I’ll promote it and do what I can.

But going on tour or doing that you know, I have a child and I love doing pick-ups and drop-offs at school, and going in and doing arts and crafts with the kids one day. Also, we shoot this show in New York, so I’m gone a lot for those three months. I don’t know. I really do crave normalcy in my life. So we’ll so how all of that can fit in now and fulfill my need for just being normal.

You can see the full video below:

At this point, the followup to Breathe In. Breathe Out. is a little bit up in the air. Hilary has certainly thought about making more music, and it’s just a matter of when and how. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any new music progress. Keep checking back here for all the latest Hilary Duff news.

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