Hayley Williams Announces New Hair Dye Company, goodDYEyoung

Throughout her career with Paramore, Hayley has always been known for her vibrant and ever-changing hair colors. She’s had every color under the sun. Though she’s most famous for her vibrant orange and red hues, she’s also tried out pink, blue, green, and neon yellow. And even a very tame shade of blonde.

So it’s only fitting that Hayley decided to start her own hair dye company. After many months of work, she’s finally announced goodDYEyoung. Check it out:


Starting April 15th, goodDYEyoung will launch with five bold shades: Rock Lobster (fiery red), Blue Ruin (bright blue), Ex-Girl (pink), Steal My Sunshine (yellow), and Riot! (bold orange). Each color is priced at $14. All will be available at the official goodDYEyoung website.

Meanwhile, her band Paramore is about to begin working on their fifth studio album. Hayley just married her longtime boyfriend, New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert, last month. Will married life affect the new music? Perhaps more lovey lyrics and cheerful music? On the other hand, Hayley and Chad have been together for eight years, so maybe there won’t be much of a change after all. We’ll find out soon enough!

Bassist Jeremy Davis left the band in December, so now Paramore is down to just Hayley and guitarist Taylor York. The duo are expected to begin recording new material soon. If anything does change the sound of the next album, it may be the loss of Jeremy. There’s no word yet on whether Paramore will recruit a new member to take his place. Keep checking back here for all the latest news.

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