Avril Lavigne Can Now Play The Mandolin

Avril Lavigne has been hard at work writing and recording new songs. She’s worked with the likes of her ex Chad Kroeger, Zane Carney, Dan Ellis, and David Immerman. She’s been writing on guitar and piano… and now it looks like she can add mandolin to her repertoire of instruments! Check out some of her latest behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of her writing process:













Update: On April 18th, Avril mentioned that she’s writing songs again:



2015 was a big year for Avril Lavigne. After releasing a music video for her perfect track, “Give You What You Like,” Avril revealed that she is battling Lyme Disease. She released a new charity single called “Fly” last summer, and recently announced her separation from Chad Kroeger, her husband of two years. She is set to appear in a new animated film, Charming, and plans to release a Christmas album in the future. But for now, her main focus is writing and recording for a new studio album. It’s not clear how far along she is just yet, but with any luck we may hear some new music in 2016. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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