Garbage Reveal Release Date, Tracklist, & Cover Art For New Album, Strange Little Birds

Last month, Garbage took to Twitter and Facebook to announce the title of their upcoming sixth studio album: Strange Little Birds. Now the band has finally confirmed the release date as well. It was expected out this spring, and we can now start the countdown, because Strange Little Birds will be released on June 10, 2016. We have precisely three months to get ready for new Garbage music!

Garbage has also revealed the full tracklisting of Strange Little Birds. Many of the titles have been known for a while now, thanks to the band’s behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. There are also a couple of new titles. The tracklisting includes 11 new songs:

1. Sometimes
2. Empty
3. Blackout
4. If I Lost You
5. Night Drive Loneliness
6. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
7. Magnetized
8. We Never Tell
9. So We Can Stay Alive
10. Teaching Little Fingers To Play
11. Amends

Of the above 11 tracks, all but two have previously been revealed throughout the band’s recording process. Nine of those songs appeared on a studio whiteboard pictured in 2014, though some of the titles have changed slightly. “Teaching Little Fingers To Play” was apparently a working title for the album, based on its placement on the whiteboard in the pictures. 

The only new titles here are “Blackout” and “Amends.”

It is unclear if there will be any deluxe or special edition bonus tracks. There are at least 13 additional song titles that Garbage fans have known since 2014, so hopefully we’ll be able to hear some of them as well.

Finally, Garbage finished off their exciting news with a sneak peak of the new album artwork. The background is green and cloudy, with a large “G” covered in leopard print fur; it is fairly reminiscent of the band’s debut album, Garbage. Check it out below:

We still have three months to go until Strange Little Birds will be out on June 10th. Before then, we can expect to hear at least one new single – any guesses on which song it will be? In the meantime, you can read up on all we know about the album already, and keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news.

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