Vanessa Carlton Drops “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” Remix

Last July, Vanessa Carlton shared a new song called “Nothing Where Something Used To Be,” a sweet, stripped version that appeared on her Blue Pool EP. The studio version of the song was later included on her album Liberman, released last October. Now we get our third version of the song with Steve Osborne’s remix of “Nothing Where Something Used To Be.” Although it’s been labeled a remix, it’s actually the original version of the song.

Vanessa Carlton explained the story behind the new version of “Nothing Where Something Used To Be”:

This is an interesting remix situation cause this version of the song was actually the first version. Steve and I experimented a lot while we were exploring the palette of what Liberman should be. We looked at this as an experiment and when we moved on to the next chunk of songs this version didn’t fit on the album. I was doing my dance workout one day a couple months ago and this version of the song was way deep on a playlist and popped up. I really loved it but had forgotten about this attempt. I sent the song to my manager and he was like we gotta release this! So here we are.

Listen to the new remix/original version of “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” below:

Vanessa also described how the above video came about:

I asked my friend Colin Devin Moore to create a visual for it and he came up with this video concept. I basically sang into a camera one morning on tour and he created what you see here. I love the attention to detail in the video. And the edit is really beautiful and perfectly links with arrangement of the song. This is a world I like to dip into every now and then.

You can buy the new remix of “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” on iTunes now. You may also want to pick up Vanessa’s new album, Liberman, which includes the studio version of the song. You can get the stripped version of the track on the deluxe edition of Liberman or on the Blue Pool EP. “Nothing Where Something Used To Be” is the latest single from Vanessa, following last year’s “Operator” and “House Of Seven Swords.” Keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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