See Muse’s New Music Video For “Aftermath”

Muse just released their most recent album, Drones, in June 2015. After treating fans to a number of music videos and lyric videos already, the latest clip is for the somber “Aftermath.” It’s the final song in the main Drones narrative, bringing closure to a tumultuous story and hope for the future.

The animated “Aftermath” music video captures this sense of reflection and faith in better things to come. We watch as a young man passes by a happy youth and ends up with little more than destruction, loneliness, and lost memories. All the bad that happened in the previous songs on Drones has finally caught up with our protagonist, and it’s time to replace war and hate with love and peace. The video ends on an optimistic note, with doves flying across the screen in a plea for harmony.

Watch the flipbook animation video for “Aftermath” below.

As the YouTube caption explains, the “Aftermath” video is “the result of Muse’s on-going creative collaborations with Japanese director Tekken.” He previously delivered flipbook-style animated videos for “Follow Me” (from Muse’s previous album, The 2nd Law) and “Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)” (from their 2009 record, The Resistance). As with “Exogenesis,” the video for “Aftermath” feels like perfect closure for a gripping album.

“Aftermath” follows a year’s worth of impressive singles and videos from Drones: We first got the promo track “Psycho” in March 2015, followed by the official singles “Dead Inside,” “Mercy,” and “Revolt.” Muse has toured extensively over the last year, and are considering releasing a new concert film of their recent shows.

You can buy Drones on iTunes to get “Aftermath” and the previous Drones singles. You can also stream it on Spotify. It’s an excellent album, and one of our favorites released in 2015, and it will be worth the listen. Keep checking back here for all the latest Muse news.

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