Kelly Clarkson’s July 2016 Studio Updates: New Album Out Spring 2017

Just last month, Kelly Clarkson made a huge announcement. After 14 years with RCA, Kelly has signed to a Atlantic Records. Furthermore, her upcoming 7th album will move in a decidedly more soulful direction. Instead of the pop rock anthems she’s known for, Kelly will take it back to her soulful roots this time around.

Luckily, the fun doesn’t stop there. Around the middle of July, Kelly started sharing some studio updates as she works on the new album. She confirmed that her upcoming record will be soul pop, and that it will be out in 2017. She’s working with Jason Halbert, but hasn’t written many of the songs yet.

On July 29th, Kelly did a Facebook livestream to announce her new songs on and to do an impromptu performance of some her own songs… though she had trouble remembering the lyrics! Afterwards, she answered some fans’ questions about the upcoming music on Facebook, revealing that she’s aiming for a spring 2017 release, has written at least two of the new songs, and that she’s thinking about possible collaborations. Read the comments of the post below:


Kelly Clarkson is very excited to be able to make a soul pop album. It’s been a dream of hers – and her mom’s – for years, and it will be exciting to hear an album as Kelly wants it. Atlantic Records is a great label, and it will be great to see how they work with Kelly and let her have creative freedom with her music.

Record label moves aren’t Kelly’s only recent change. Just last April, Kelly gave birth to her second child, son Remington. Her daughter River Rose was born in June 2014. Her latest single, “Piece By Piece,” features River Rose in the music video. But its American Idol performance is what took the world by storm. Kelly announced a new children’s book, River Rose And The Magical Lullaby, will be out this October. Kelly also recently recorded a song for an upcoming film called The Secret Scripture.

Keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news, too. We’re sure to get more studio updates as Kelly continues recording the new album.

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