See BANKS’ Music Video For “Gemini Feed”

Earlier this month, BANKS debuted her new song, “Gemini Feed,” off her upcoming sophomore album, The Altar. While it was preceded by her 2015 teaser single “Better” and last month’s first album track, “F–k With Myself,” “Gemini Feed” is the most impressive new song so far. It’s as infectious as her best songs on Goddess, but it also explores new territory. It’s clear that The Altar will be a stellar followup.

Today BANKS released the music video for “Gemini Feed,” and it’s as intriguing as the song itself. It starts with BANKS softly singing the chorus, accompanied only by piano, before launching into the studio version of the track. It’s immediately mysterious and eerie, BANKS’ face adorned with exaggerated gold decorations as she sits atop her grand throne. We then see a more normal BANKS, her hair down, eyeliner thick, wearing a black dress. She’s connected to a third BANKS wearing white whose hair is cut short. Eventually we can see that the latter two are tied together by white and black rope, referencing the gemini twins.

Watch the music video for “Gemini Feed” below:

BANKS’ new album, The Altar, comes out on September 30th. You can pre-order it now and get instant downloads of both “Gemini Feed” and “F–k With Myself.” Her 2015 single, “Better,” will not appear on the album. Following her stunning 2014 album, Goddess, this will be her second full-length release. The Altar comes out in just a few weeks, and we may hear more songs before then. Keep checking back here for all the latest BANKS music news.

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