Hear Amy Lee’s “Dream Too Much” From Upcoming Kids Album

Ever since Evanescence released their self-titled third album in 2011, their frontwoman Amy Lee has been pushing her creative boundaries. In 2014, she released her first solo album, Aftermath. It was comprised of mostly instrumental tracks composed for the indie film, War Story. Earlier this year, Amy released a 4-song EP of covers. Now she’s trying something even more out of the box: A children’s album.

Dream Too Much will be Amy’s first kids album. She has a two-year-old son named Jack, so it’s the perfect fit for the new mother. The project originally started as present for Amy’s father. As she explained to Rolling Stone:

Dad has always been talking about making some kid songs for Jack to have later in life. [My husband suggested,] “You guys should just do it, get in the studio together, you’ve never been in the studio together, you’re both musicians.”

Amy and her father’s idea to make kid-appropriate music for Jack eventually turned into a family project. Amy recruited her sisters, Lorie and Carrie, to sing harmony with her. Their dad played ukulele, dobro, and banjo, while their Uncle Tom played guitar, bass, and harmonica. Even little Jack himself makes an appearance!

Amy described her family’s feeling about the project to Rolling Stone:

We’ve been saying, even if we’re the only ones who ever heard it … it was worth it because it means so much to us as a family and we love it. So, I’m very proud of it and it was very fulfilling to be able to do that together. … I’m always looking for ways that I can expand myself creatively and this was a surprise. This kind of came out of a very random place and a very pure place. It was just for ourselves and it turned into something really beautiful.

The album, Dream Too Much, contains 12 recordings. You can hear the title track below:

Dream Too Much is made up of both covers and original songs. You can see the full tracklisting below:

  1. “Stand By Me” – cover
  2. “Dream Too Much” – original
  3. “Bee And Duck” – from Sesame Street
  4. “I’m Not Tired”
  5. “Little Bird”
  6. “Alice”
  7. “Rubber Duckie”
  8. “Hello Goodbye” – Beatles cover
  9. “Donkey And Chicken”
  10. “The End Of The Book” – original
  11. “If You’re A Star”
  12. “Goodnight My Love” – R&B classic

Amy explained the inspiration behind one of her original songs, “The End Of The Book.”

Every time I would get to the end of a book he would cry … like seriously cry like, “I can’t believe we’re at the end of the book,” like, “Nooo.” And I’d be like, “Hey, dude … not the end … we can just read it again.” I thought that was really cute and sweet and it just ended up a song about the end of the book isn’t the end of the story.

Be sure to also check out this great behind-the-scenes look at the making of Dream Too Much:

Dream Too Much is available for pre-order now at Amazon, ahead of its September 30th release date. Digital pre-orders come with an instant download of title track. CD pre-orders, however, do not offer that instant download. The album is exclusive to Amazon.

You can read up on what we know about the album already, including some behind-the-scenes looks at the recording process. Dream Too Much will be out on September 30th. This is the first – and perhaps only – kids album Amy will release. As she mentioned to Rolling Stone, “I’m going to focus on the next thing being … more centered around my adult music career.” There’s no word yet on what is next – maybe a 4th Evanescence album? Keep checking back here for all the latest Amy Lee and Evanescence news.

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