Amy Lee Shares Stop Motion “Dream Too Much” Music Video

Last month, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee announced her new children’s album, Dream Too Much, would be out in September. She shared the title track, and now that song gets a music video. Amy wrote “Dream Too Much” for her two-year-old son Jack, and its lyrics capture childlike imagination. The new stop-motion music video brings these nonsense lyrics to life, as we watch bandleader monkeys and underwater towers of watermelons surrounded by jellyfish and owls. It’s a children’s show come to life, and something people of any age can enjoy.

Watch the “Dream Too Much” video below:

Amy recently spoke to People about how her son, Jack, inspired her to record the new children’s album:

I was shocked by the huge emotion and the inspiration that came from having a child, and I am inspired by him all the time. I just really wanted to make music again. And I kind of thought when I had kids, I would want to do what I do less — I would just want to focus on being a mom and sort of retire. But I just don’t feel that way! I feel so motivated. I have all these new feelings and thoughts and ideas to share.

Amy added, “Seeing it through his eyes is exactly what inspired the record. So the original songs, they came from him, from his little mind.” Many of the ideas came from Jack. “So much of it was about pleasing him and talking to him and communicating with him and making him happy: watching that bright smile on his face as we’re talking about the same thing together.”

“Dream Too Much” is just the first of 12 music videos to come from the album. Amy confirms that each Dream Too Much track will get its own whimsical video.

Amy’s new album, Dream Too Much, will be out on September 30th. You can pre-order it exclusively from Amazon now. Those of you missing her original band don’t have to worry either. Evanescence has scheduled a tour this fall, so if you’re in the eastern half of the US, be sure to get your tickets. Keep checking back here for all the latest Amy Lee and Evanescence music news.

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