Green Day Gets Personal On “Still Breathing”

Green Day is getting ready to release their first new album in four years, Revolution Radio. Following the aggressive first single “Bang Bang” and the riotous title track, fans can now hear a third preview of the album. “Still Breathing” is the most personal song we’ve heard yet, one that fans may find particularly poignant. It touches on frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s own substance abuse problems that sent him to rehab in 2012 just as Green Day released an ambitious trilogy of albums. But Billie’s lyrics also point to other characters with similar struggles: War veterans, fatherless kids, single mothers, gamblers, and drug addicts.

Billie told Rolling Stone a bit about “Still Breathing”:

That was a very heavy song. Sometimes I run away from being too heavy. But sometimes it just comes out that way… At some point, we’re all going to have to be on life support. As time goes on, your thoughts get darker.

See the lyric video for “Still Breathing” below:

Green Day’s new album, Revolution Radio, will be out in just a couple of weeks on October 7th. It’s their first album since their 2012 trilogy, and the first the’ve produced since 2000’s Warning. You can pre-order the album on iTunes or the official Green Day site now. You’ll get instant downloads of “Bang Bang,” “Revolution Radio,” and “Still Breathing.” Be sure to read up on all we know about the new album so far while we wait for September to end. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day music news.

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