Garbage Electrifies In “Magnetized” Music Video

Earlier this year, Garbage released their dark sixth album, Strange Little Birds. It was led by the infectious first single, “Empty,” and now fans get to enjoy “Magnetized” as the second single. “Magnetized” has moody verses, starting with the opening line in which Shirley Manson declares she’s not in love. But the choruses, in contrast, are surprisingly warm and pop as Shirley confesses her attraction. It’s a song that combines alternative with pop seamlessly, something Garbage has mastered over the last 20 years.

Today “Magnetized” got a sci-fi music video that finds Shirley hanging out in a laboratory. Clad in a red dress and moving robotically, she prepares her injections and measures her chemicals. When she’s not taking on science, she lets out her witch side and enjoys an indoor swing. Meanwhile, a raccoon-eyed young girl who looks suspiciously like Shirley navigates the sterile room wrapped in glowing cables. It’s a spooky video.

Check out the “Magnetized” music video below:

As Shirley told Dazed:

We made the video for “Magnetized” at Pancake Mountain Headquarters in Los Angeles with an incredibly gifted team under the madcap direction of my next door neighbor Scott Stuckey. We wanted to create an ode to the magic of science and the mysteries of love.

Scott added:

“Magnetized” is one of my favorite songs on the album. Any time you get to send 300,000 volts of electricity through an eight-year-old Shirley Manson doppelgänger and the real Shirley, then YES, sign me up!

Garbage just finished their North American tour, and aside from a few more shows in California and Arizona, they’re getting ready for more touring. They’ll be in Europe, Australia, and South America between November and December. Find tour dates and tickets on the band’s official website. Be sure to check out their excellent new album, Strange Little Birds, to get singles like “Magnetized” and “Empty.” Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news.

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