Garbage Announces New Book Out In 2017

Garbage has been having a big year, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. They celebrated the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album last year with a tour and a re-release of Garbage and all its b-sides. They released their stellar 6th album, Strange Little Birds, this June. It has launched the singles “Empty” and “Magnetized” as well as a worldwide tour. Now Garbages is about to follow it all up with an autobiography. Their new book, This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake, will be available next July.

The members of Garbage wrote the book with former Rolling Stone journalist Jason Cohen. Akashic Books will be publishing the autobiography. According to their press release:

Now, for the first time, the four band members (Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Butch Vig) tell the story of their incredible journey in their own words. This beautiful full-color coffee-table book examines how Garbage make their music, the toll this takes and how the band has survived for this long. It includes never-before-seen photographs of the band—live shots, portraits, and candid, behind-the-scenes images—as well as pieces written by each of the four band members.

As Shirley Manson told Akashic Books, “We decided it was time for our fans to hear directly from us and get a look into our official archives, which at this point is immense and somewhat overwhelming.”

This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake will be out on July 4, 2017.

garbage this is the noise that keeps me awake book

Now that the song is surely stuck in your head, you might as well listen to the track that gave the book its title. Here’s Garbage’s 1998 hit, “Push It.”

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