‘Liberman Live’ Is Vanessa Carlton’s First Live Album

Vanessa Carlton has finally come out with her first ever live album. Liberman Live was released on October 21st. Liberman Live is a beautiful showcase of Vanessa’s siren-like voice and soft, earthy melodies. The intimacy of her small performance can be heard through the speakers, as if you were there with her. Liberman‘s hypnotizing music is conveyed perfectly in the live album. Vanessa states that the record allows listeners to “hear” where she’s at musically, especially if they haven’t heard 2015’s Liberman.

She first announced the album back on September 27th in a Facebook post:

Vanessa had hinted at her live album months before the announcement, releasing videos of live performances of “Matter Of Time” and “House Of Seven Swords.” Following the September announcement, she released videos of “Operator” and “River” to promote the upcoming album.

Vanessa and her band recorded Liberman Live in Nashville, TN, during her 2015 fall tour. Because of her October move to the Tennessee city, Vanessa called Nashville her “new home” during a new Q&A. While listening to Liberman Live, you can take a listen to Vanessa’s hometown crowd.

Vanessa’s live album includes eight songs:

1. Take It Easy
2. Blue Pool
3. Nothing Where Something Used To Be
4. House Of Seven Swords
5. Operator
6. Willows
7. Matter Of Time
8. River

You can buy Liberman Live on iTunes and on Vanessa Carlton’s store now! Keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton news.

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