Muse’s Next Album May Be More Stripped Down… Or Hip-Hop?

Muse is already talking about their next album. The followup to 2015’s Drones, album #8 could come as early as 2017, though 2018 may be more likely. Here’s a roundup of all Muse has said about their next album so far, starting with recent interviews after an award win.

Muse was just at the Q Awards, where they won “Best Act In The World Today,” beating out U2, Coldplay, The 1975, and Biffy Clyro. While there, Absolute Radio interviewed the band. Matt Bellamy said he he’d like to record a more acoustic album this time around.

As Matt said in the video:

The last album was written and recorded very much with the idea of how it is going to work in the show in mind. Moving forward, we might want to do something different because I feel like we’ve pushed the show to a really high point. I feel like I say it every time with each album but I feel like it might be time to actually do something a bit more stripped down.

On the other hand, he also said he wants to record a hip-hop album. He told Q:

I really wanna try and just make like a hip-hop album. I think I’m gonna actually, starting rapping on our next eighth studio album.

Back in September 2015, Dom Howard spoke to South China Morning Post. He talked about the band’s plans for album #8, saying they want to evolve and do something “really different”:

We’ve talked about it, yeah, but we haven’t really talked about when or where. But I just know we need to do something really, really different to anything we’ve done before.

I think it’s time to kind of lose our minds a little bit more in the studio and delve into some new areas of music that we’re kind of not that used to or comfortable with. I think we should definitely do that and kinda go for it. Yeah, we’ve got small ideas about how we think we can evolve. That’s the key thing: evolving.

Then in January 2016, Dom mentioned that the band might not release proper albums in the future. Instead, the band may release “small groups of tracks” or singles. Given the way people pick and choose songs nowadays, albums may not make sense for Muse. Of course, many fans do still like albums, especially from their favorite artists.

More recently though, Matt has repeatedly mentioned releasing an album rather than EPs or singles. But when will the new music be ready?

After winning the Q award, Matt said that the band will mostly likely have the next album ready for 2018. It’s unlikely they’ll have a full record ready in 2017, but they might share “maybe one or two songs if we can be arsed.”

So to recap, Muse’s next album should be out sometime in 2018, but if we’re lucky we could get a song or two in 2017. The next album will be more stripped down…. or hip-hop…. or “really different.”

As usual, Muse has a lot of ideas, and it will be exciting to hear the new music once it’s ready. Keep checking back here for all the latest Muse news. We’ll keep you posted on any album news they share.

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