Andrew McMahon Shares New Song, “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me”

Last week, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness announced their upcoming sophomore album, Zombies On Broadway. Today that record is available for pre-order, and it comes with a new song, “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me.”

Fans may be surprised by the song at first. It’s not your traditional Andrew McMahon song with piano and earnestly sung lyrics. Instead, the verses showcase Andrew’s spoken word ramblings over a jamming beat. It’s only in the choruses that Andrew sings out the song’s title.

“Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me” actually sounds a lot like the Jack’s Mannequin track, “I’m Ready.” In case you didn’t know, Andrew was originally in a punk rock band called Something Corporate. In the mid-2000s, he formed Jack’s Mannequin; it was their first album, Everything In Transit, that gave us “I’m Ready.” The spoken parts of that song may have influenced the direction of “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me.” In any event, this is what Andrew said about the new song:

I recorded this album in New York City over the span of a year. To temper the energy of the high rise studio in Times Square where I spent my days I made a home in Brooklyn. Most of my New York friends had migrated there over the course of 10 or 15 years and I enjoyed the longer commute. Somewhere in the middle of everything New York got the best of me and I defected. When I got home this was the song I wrote.

Check out the “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me” lyric video below:

You can get another taste of the new album in “Fire Escape,” the first single. Pre-order Zombies On Broadway on iTunes now and you will get instant downloads of both “Fire Escape” and “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me.”

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness will also be touring next year. You may want to check out tour dates and get tickets before it’s too late. Keep checking back here for all the latest Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness news.

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