The Weeknd Teases 2 New ‘Starboy’ Songs, “I Feel It Coming” & “Party Monster”

We’re only one week away from hearing The Weeknd’s anticipated new album, Starboy! And after enjoying the title track and “False Alarm” for the last two months, fans get two new songs to hold us over until next week. That’s right. The Weeknd just shared “I Feel It Coming” and “Party Monster” – two very different songs from what sounds to be an excellent album.

“I Feel It Coming,” like “Starboy,” features Daft Punk. But the two songs are polar opposites otherwise. In contrast to the darkness and boasting of the title track, “I Feel It Coming” is a funky, cheerful love song. Over flickering guitar, The Weeknd lays on the romance, promising to take it slow with this girl who’s “been scared of love and what it did to you.” It’s a sweet song, and perhaps the lightest we’ve heard from The Weeknd yet.

“Party Monster,” on the other hand, takes the darkness heard on “Starboy” up a notch. Its spooky 1980s intro sounds like Stranger Things, both in its excellent recreation of that decade and the show’s mood. “Party Monster” has a hazy, paranoid atmosphere to it, reinforced by the verses’ lyrics. But the repetitive chorus drags the song down just a bit. Lana Del Rey co-wrote and sings on this track. (She previously appeared on the Beauty Behind The Madness song, “Prisoner,” and will appear on another Starboy track, “Stargirl Interlude.”)

In addition to sharing the two tracks, fans can also finally check out the full 18-song tracklist for Starboy. The album includes a number of features. In addition to Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey (with two features each), The Weeknd also collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Future. See the full tracklist below:

  1. “Starboy” feat. Daft Punk
  2. “Party Monster”
  3. “False Alarm”
  4. “Reminder”
  5. “Rockin'”
  6. “Secrets”
  7. “True Colors”
  8. “Stargirl Interlude” feat. Lana Del Rey
  9. “Sidewalks” feat. Kendrick Lamar
  10. “Six Feet Under”
  11. “Love To Lay”
  12. “A Lonely Night”
  13. “Attention”
  14. “Ordinary Life”
  15. “Nothing Without You”
  16. “All I Know” feat. Future
  17. “Die For You”
  18. “I Feel It Coming” feat. Daft Punk

Starboy is set for release just next week, on November 25th, via Republic Records. You can pre-order the album on iTunes now. Keep checking back here for all the latest Weeknd music news.

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