Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Teases “Walking In My Sleep”

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness has been gradually preparing fans for his upcoming sophomore album, Zombies On Broadway. After the peppy “Fire Escape” and the spoken-word heavy “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me,” Andrew’s latest album preview comes with “Walking In My Sleep.”

Ever since Andrew left his previous band, Jack’s Mannequin, he’s moved in a more indie-pop, synth-driven direction. His newest songs reflect his continued evolution, but “Walking In My Sleep” is a bit different. This song harkens back to his People And Things album. The music and mood fit that dreamy, reflective final Jack’s Mannequin record. This is not to say he’s taking any steps back; rather, Andrew’s music feels connected, regardless of the moniker attached to the song.

Andrew beautifully summarized “Walking In My Sleep” in Facebook post today:

This song started out in my notebook as a series of vignettes. They were all scenes from a life lived on the road. There is something that happens to a person after being gone for a great length from the place they call home. I am someone who craves constant motion, but once plane rides and hotel nights accumulate there is a sense that the world has shifted in some imperceivable way. That maybe the people you love and the things that you hope are waiting for you back home have all moved on in your absence. It was in one of these lengthy missions that the title of this song found its way from my pen to the page. I think the beauty of the lyric is that even in its prescribed sense of alienation there is hope. A sense that no matter how far away you get that there is someone, some place worth returning to.

“Walking In My Sleep” comes with a simple lyric video. Watch it below:

Pre-order Zombies On Broadway on iTunes now and you will get instant downloads of “Fire Escape,” “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me,” and “Walking In My Sleep.”

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness will also be touring next year. You may want to check out tour dates and get tickets before it’s too late. Keep checking back here for all the latest Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness news.

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