Watch Amy Lee’s “The End Of The Book” Music Video

Three months ago, Amy Lee released her first children’s album, Dream Too Much. The music is stunningly different than the Evanescence tunes we’re used to hearing from her. The new mother has proven her diversity and skill, and the album is a welcome addition for any young family. She announced plans to release a music video for each track on the album, and our newest clip is for “The End Of The Book.”

“The End Of The Book” is one of the original songs Amy wrote for her album with her husband, Josh. Amy sings to their son, Jack, about all the possibilities imagination holds. Just because a book is done doesn’t mean the story has to end. You can always dream up more adventures or read the book all over again.

The music video – in the thematic stop-motion style – shows a Dream Too Much book filled with fun visuals. Different animals, city and farm scenes, and tasty treats fill the pages as they turn, and each time the end is reached, the book starts over with all new images. It’s a cute video that reflects the song’s message. The video concludes with “The End,” an invitation to the viewers to imagine their own sequel. Watch “The End Of The Book” below:

Dream Too Much includes 12 songs, both originals and covers. You can see the music videos for “Dream Too Much” and “If You’re A Star” in addition to the newest “The End Of The Book” clip. You can buy Dream Too Much on Amazon now. Keep checking back here for more videos from Amy Lee.

Meanwhile, Evanescence fans will be happy to know the band is getting ready for a big 2017. In January they will release a vinyl boxset of all their albums, including Origin and b-sides. The band is also starting to think about new music. With any luck, we may get some new Evanescence songs in 2017. They’ve already played a new one, “Take Cover,” at recent shows. Keep coming back here for all the latest music news.

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