Avril Lavigne Teases “Warrior” Lyrics From Possible New Single

Just a few days ago, Avril Lavigne announced that she will release a new album in 2017. She didn’t offer a concrete timeframe other than the year, but now it looks like the new music may be coming sooner than later. Today she added fuel to the hype with a behind the scenes look at the upcoming record. Avril shared the lyrics of a new song, presumably titled “Warrior” or “I’m A Warrior.” See the three-word chorus she showed below:


“Warrior” may be the first single we hear from her still-unnamed 6th studio album. The keys in the picture suggests that the song may include a piano.

Will “Warrior” be the first song we hear? Will it include the piano? What do you think it will sound like? It may follow the direction of her 2015 charity single, “Fly.” Or perhaps she will continue the direction of her more mature Avril Lavigne songs. Or will she come out with an all new sound?

Moreover, when will the new song be released? At this rate, it could be within just a few months.

A new album isn’t the only thing Avril’s been working on recently. She signed on to voice Snow White in an upcoming animated film called Charming. The movie will also come with a new song written by Fall Out Boy and sung by Avril. In January, we will hear her on a new song called “Listen” with the Japanese band, One Ok Rock. It will appear on their album, Ambitions, out on January 11th.

There’s plenty going on for Avril this year. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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