Green Day Releases Timely “Troubled Times” Lyric Video

Green Day is well-known for their politically charged music, so it should come as no surprise that their latest Revolution Radio lyric video is for the increasingly relevant “Troubled Times.” The song describes the many problems we face today as we find history repeating itself. The lyric video is as elaborate as a regular music video. It fittingly shows the US president-elect, Donald Trump, in contrast with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the one hand we have images from the 1960s when the civil rights movement was led with a goal of equality and love. On the other hand we have Trump (with over-active yellow hair) rallying hatred in the form of racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.

The timing is just right, aligning with MLK day today as well as the inauguration later this week. Check out the video for “Troubled Times” below.

“Troubled Times” is the seventh lyric video Green Day has shared from their latest album, Revolution Radio. The era started off with gritty animated “Bang Bang,” “Revolution Radio,” and “Still Breathing” clips. After the album’s release, the fun “Youngblood,” somber “Ordinary World,” and rollicking “Say Goodbye” followed suite.

Green Day has also released music videos for the two official singles so far, “Bang Bang” and “Still Breathing.”

You can buy Revolution Radio on iTunes or Green Day’s official website now and enjoy “Troubled Times” and the rest of the (promo) singles. Green Day just launched their tour in Europe, and will be heading to North America for spring and summer dates. Be sure to check out dates and tickets before it’s too late. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day news.

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