OK Go Gets Political With Cover Of Morrissey’s “Interesting Drug”

Two days ago, OK Go frontman Damian Kulash hosted an impromptu Facebook live video to let fans know the latest. He had two exciting bits of news: OK Go is filming another music video, and they were planning to release a new song this week. Though they originally planned to release it on Tuesday, the song was pushed back to today as they made some finishing touches on the accompanying lyric video.

The new track is a cover of Morrissey’s 1989 single, “Interesting Drug.” It’s a political song, and the video makes OK Go’s political standpoint clear. As they sing about “bad people on the rise,” footage of newly elected president Donald Trump confirm who we’re all thinking of. OK Go shared the following message along with the song:

We recorded a cover of Morrissey’s ‘Interesting Drug’ — it seems like the right soundtrack for this moment. No matter how anxious or angry you are, try to turn your passion into something good for the world. We’re in this together.

Check out OK Go’s cover of “Interesting Drug” below.

At the end, the video urges its viewers:

Work to make a better world.
And vote in 2018
And vote in 2020
And run for office yourself.

The video also lists organizations they encourage you to donate to and volunteer for, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Climate Reality Project, the Immigrant Defense ProjectPlanned Parenthood, and Human Rights Campaign.

What was that second bit of news, you ask? OK Go is en route to Japan to film a new music video. The band has not yet revealed what song the video is for; it is most likely another song from their 2014 album, Hungry Ghosts. They’ve released 4 music videos from the album so far: “The Writing’s On The Wall,” “I Won’t Let You Down,” “Upside Down & Inside Out,” and, most recently, “The One Moment.” This would be the 5th Hungry Ghosts music video.

What song do you hope to hear in the music video? We’ve yet to see videos for “Another Set Of Issues,” “Turn Up The Radio,” “Obsession,” “I’m Not Through,” “Bright As Your Eyes,” “If I Had A Mountain,” “The Great Fire,” or “Lullabye.” We’re personally rooting for “Turn Up The Radio” and “Bright As Your Eyes.”

The video should be out in the next month or so. In the meantime, be sure to get OK Go’s “Interesting “Drug” cover from iTunes or Spotify. Keep checking back here for all the latest OK Go music news.

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