Hear Evanescence’s “Lost Whispers” & Updated “Even In Death”

Back in September, Evanescence announced a huge vinyl boxset of all their albums – not just Fallen, The Open Door, and Evanescence, but even Origin. In addition to those albums, The Ultimate Collection also included a vinyl of b-sides and rarities. This bonus record, called Lost Whispers, contains previously released bonus tracks, from “Missing” to “Secret Door.” However, it also presents to new recordings: “Lost Whispers” and a new version of “Even In Death.”

“Lost Whispers” is a song Evanescence started playing live in 2009. The band intended for it to appear on their ill-fated, more electronic third album. That record never came out, and instead the band switched gears. A few of those songs were re-worked and appeared on their self-titled 2011 album. “Lost Whispers” is more of an intro than a proper song, but it sets the mood well.

As many fans know, “Even In Death” appears Evanescence’s 1999 demos album, Origin. Frontwoman Amy Lee has expressed embarrassment or indifference to Origin for many years, despite fans loving it. However, Amy’s views have changed more recently. She talked to Billboard about recording an updated version of “Even In Death.”

It really felt like redemption, like that song was truly redeemed because the early recording we have is not an enjoyable recording, but I really love that song. It was a beautiful experience to be able to take that and live in it now and give it the treatment I would give to any one of our songs with the ability I have now. Now I’m in love with that song again.

She also spoke about Origin overall:

It’s something I’ve always cringed about because ever since we made a real studio album and honed in our sound and became Evanescence and made Fallen, I’m like, “OK, everything before this we were just practicing.” But many fans love Origin and talk about Origin and wish Origin would be released. I’ve been against it for 13 years, but for the first time I guess I have enough separation from it to look at it and feel like, “Y’know what? I see why that’s cool. As a fan, I want to listen to that too.” So having that whole change of heart was really huge.

You can listen to the new recordings of “Lost Whispers” and “Even In Death” below. You can buy the Lost Whispers album on iTunes now, or get the 6-LP Ultimate Collection to obtain it on vinyl.

Last year, Evanescence played a new song called “Take Cover” while on tour. It doesn’t appear on Lost Whispers, but it may be included in a future release. Evanescence – and Amy Lee in particular – has been secretive about what’s next. Amy explained to Billboard:

We do have plans for something coming up in the near future, but I’m not talking about it yet. It’s not going to be a traditional album. So there’s a couple things happening.

Beyond Evanescence, Amy recently released a children’s album, Dream Too Much. She worked with her dad, sisters, brother, uncle, and husband to record music for their song, Jack. Although she enjoyed the project, she says she’s ready to get back to adult music. Look out for new Evanescence material soon – whatever form it may come in. Keep checking back here for all the latest Evanescence and Amy Lee music news.

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