Avril Lavigne Announces Move To BMG, Return To Roots On New Album

Late in 2016, Avril Lavigne announced that she is planning to release a new album in 2017. Over the last two months, she’s given hints about the lyrics and song titles, including possible names like “Warrior” and “Crush.” Today, she revealed even more: Avril Lavigne has signed on with BMG! This marks a departure from Epic Records, who released her self-titled fifth studio album in 2013.

In the time since that last record, Avril has battled Lyme Disease, and that experience seems to have impacted how she wants to live her life going forward. This new album will likely reflect that experience. Check out Avril’s announcement and behind-the-scenes video below:

For this album, I have a new team behind me and I’ve just signed with BMG. I’ve been working really hard on the new music, and it’s a reflection of my journey over the last few years. At this point in my career, and in my life, I just wanted to put fresh energy around me, and I feel like I’m having somewhat of a rebirth in my life. I’ve been faced with a lot and gone through a lot emotionally. The whole writing process has been therapeutic and empowering. Without trying to make an album, I’ve made one.

In addition to this exciting video announcement, Avril also emailed Billboard about the new music. She told them about her songwriting process and pushing herself creatively:

I challenged myself as a songwriter and I wanted to write about topics I hadn’t hit on before. There’s the love topic, but a lot of these songs are about life. I’ve experienced a lot over the past few years, and some of the songs just came to me. Concepts and lyrics were flowing and I would have to grab my phone to sing into voice memo and write out my lyrics.

Avril also mentioned that her musical influences this time around are a bit closer to her roots. She’s been getting back into the jazz and country she grew up on, not to mention current singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran.

I enjoy listening to Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes — artists that showcase their vocals and songwriting skills. I listen to a lot of Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and jazz.

[The new music is] going back to my roots a little bit… I got my start in church and at country fairs when I was a young child, and I think those earlier influences are definitely coming out now.

The album is not yet ready, and Avril could not offer a specific timeline for when it will be out. However, she did say where she is in the recording process:

I’m working on the final few tracks. BMG and I are now choosing the right producer for this project.

And what about the first single? It may be a song that Avril wrote “when I was in bed and literally felt like I was dying… in the midst of feeling so close to death, I came up with one of my most true and moving songs.”

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Avril Lavigne’s first – and so far, only – #1 single. Though she’s had many hits over the years, “Girlfriend” is her only single to top the Billboard Hot 100. Avril admits that she’d like to have another single go #1, too. Maybe this album and its singles will connect her with fans in a way she hasn’t in a long time.

Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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