18 New Natasha Bedingfield Songs Registered On ASCAP

It’s been a long time since we got a Natasha Bedingfield album – 6 years and 3 months, to be exact. And although she’s only released a handful of songs in the last half dozen years, she’s been busy writing and recording in the studio for most of that time. Luckily, it looks like her hard work is paying off. Within the last year, 18 new song titles have been registered in her name on ASCAP. She’s listed as a writer on all but one; she’s also listed as a performer on 5 songs. The last time we saw new song titles was in October 2014, when Natasha registered 7 new songs.

With these new song registrations, we have more than 30 possible titles that could eventually appear on a future album. When that album could appear is still unclear, unfortunately.

There’s no saying exactly when these songs were written. Although all were only recently registered, it’s possible that some may be years old. And while many of these songs are likely meant for Natasha, many of them could also be given to other artists. Or they could join her long list of unreleased songs.

Five of the new songs list Natasha Bedingfield as a performer. Natasha cowrote four of the songs, though she has no credit on “Right There.” Although “Couldn’t Stop If I Tried” is a new appearance on ASCAP, in 2010 a song called “I Couldn’t Stop If I Tried” was previously registered. It is evident they are the same song, and it was mostly likely written during the Strip Me sessions.

  1. “Can’t Get Away”
  2. “Couldn’t Stop If I Tried”
  3. “Do What Makes You Happy”
  4. “God, A Conversation”
  5. “Right There”

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An additional 13 titles list no performer. Natasha cowrote all of these songs with a variety of songwriters. Although “Lipstick On The Microphone” is a newly registered title, there is another song called “Microphone” that lists the same three writers and is likely the same track. As with “I Couldn’t Stop If I Tried,” “Microphone” was initially registered in 2010 prior to the release of Strip Me.

Natasha cowrote all 13 of the following songs:

  1. “Die Hard”
  2. “Don’t Want To Need”
  3. “Good On Me”
  4. “I Hate Love”
  5. “It’s Your Move (Make Your Move)”
  6. “Killing Time”
  7. “Let It”
  8. “Lipstick On The Microphone”
  9. “My Bad”
  10. “Off My Shoulder”
  11. “Separation”
  12. “Unsaid”
  13. “Used To”

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Sadly, Natasha hasn’t released much music in the last few years. Her last full album was 2010’s Strip Me – an underrated but excellent record. Since 2010, Natasha has appeared in a handful of collaborations, such as “Jet Lag” with Simple Plan, “Between The Raindrops” with Lifehouse, and “Power Games” with Stanfour.

In 2014, Natasha wrote and sang on the charity song, “Love Song To The Earth.” In 2015, Natasha released her solo charity song  “Hope.” Last year, Natasha released her amazing dance track “Unicorn” with Basto. Just last month, she announced an upcoming track called “Love Looks Like” – it should be out soon. There have been other collaborations and songs, but not many.

Natasha has been working on new music for the better part of five years now. For the most part, she’s kept mum about a new record. Although she promised a new album “coming soon” in early 2013 and early 2014, she’s stopped mentioning albums altogether lately. However, she has been actively writing and demoing new songs. It’s unclear when Natasha will release a new album; it’s also unclear what’s holding her back. With any luck, we’ll get some more music from her in 2017. Fingers crossed!

Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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