Hear Natasha Bedingfield’s Unreleased 2013 Song, “I Like You”

Way back in June 2013, Natasha Bedingfield performed three songs at TEDGlobal. In addition to playing her hits “These Words (I Love You, I Love You)” and “Unwritten,” Natasha also performed a brand new song called “I Like You.” She had just written it with her band, and announced that it was the first time the song was being heard by anyone.

Though it took a few years for the performance to surface online, the full 15-minute video did finally appear on Natasha’s official website recently. Now fans can finally hear a live version of “I Like You.” Natasha introduced the song by saying:

You know how they say, “love the one you’re with”? Well, I feel like liking the one you’re with is actually a lot harder, and a much bigger deal. So if you actually like the one that you’re with, then you hang on to them.

This song actually is a song that we just wrote, and it’s never ever been heard by the world before. So I wanted to play it here, and it’s called “I Like You.”

Listen to “I Like You” below:

With any luck, “I Like You” could appear on Natasha’s long-awaited (and overdue) next album. It’s been more than 6 years since her last album, Strip Me, came out. And in that time, we’ve only gotten a handful of songs featuring Natasha.

She has appeared in a handful of collaborations, such as “Jet Lag” with Simple Plan, “Between The Raindrops” with Lifehouse, and “Power Games” with Stanfour. In 2014, Natasha wrote and sang on the charity song, “Love Song To The Earth.” In 2015, Natasha released her solo charity song  “Hope.” Last year, Natasha released her amazing dance track “Unicorn” with Basto. Just last month, she announced an upcoming track called “Love Looks Like” – it should be out soon. There have been other collaborations and songs, but not many.

Natasha has been working on new music for the better part of five years now. For the most part, she’s kept mum about a new record. Although she promised a new album “coming soon” in early 2013 and early 2014, she’s stopped mentioning albums altogether lately. However, she has been actively writing and demoing new songs. She also recently registered 18 new song titles on ASCAP.

It’s unclear when Natasha will release a new album; it’s also unclear what’s holding her back. Hopefully we’ll get some more music from her in 2017 – and maybe even a studio version of “I Like You”! Fingers crossed!

Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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