Amy Lee Talks “Different” New Evanescence Album, Solo Songs, & “Take Cover”

There has been plenty going on in the Amy Lee world – children’s albums, movie scores, soundtrack singles – but she’s also actively working on new Evanescence material. Amy spoke with BUILD Series about all the recent and upcoming projects. The Evanescence album remains a bit of a mystery for now, but Amy promises we’ll know more soon.

First, Amy talked about her brand new single, “Speak To Me,” which came out last Friday. She wrote and recorded the song for the new genre-defying film, Voice From The Stone. The film, starring Emilia Clarke, will be available on April 28th. “Speak To Me” is a beautiful piano-driven ballad, and Amy talked about recording it at Skywalker Ranch in 2015. She filmed a music video in October 2015, and we’ll finally get to see that this Friday.

Although Amy has been doing her own thing lately, she confirms that Evanescence is in the studio and have big plans for 2017. She won’t say much, but we do know that band is working on a very different new album. She said:

All the time in between [touring], including right now, we’re working on something. And I can’t – it’s not quite the right time to tell you exactly what it is. It’s a new album, but it’s not just a straightforward “next Evanescence album,” it’s something else. So just manage and prepare yourself for what you’re waiting for, it’s something different, and it involves more – mmm, I can’t give it away.

I had this crazy, hair-brained idea two years ago and I finally have all the people around me that are like, “let’s make that happen.” So I’m just doing something… you’re just going to go with it. You’re going to like it.

Amy wouldn’t get into the new sound, but confirmed the album will be out this year.

Toward the end of the interview, a fan asked about the future of Evanescence. Amy says she has a plan for Evanescence through the next three years, and plans to for the band to continue evolving. Another fan inquired about the recording process for the new album. Amy told him, “I can’t tell you about the process specifically for the next album, because it’s all about the process.” A small, mysterious hint.

Evanescence is going on tour in South America and Europe this spring, but then we should have more details about the upcoming album.

Speaking of touring, last fall Evanescence debuted a new song called “Take Cover.” In answer to a fan question toward the end of the interview, Amy revealed that’s actually an old song. Back in 2011, Evanescence released their self-titled third album. But before that record came to light, the band had been trying out a different sound. Some of those earlier songs were “Made Of Stone,” “Swimming Home,” and “Take Cover.” Amy says that “Take Cover” was one of the songs they’ve been waiting to share with their fans.

Check out the full interview below. Amy covers a lot of ground, and the whole video is worth watching. After talking about “Speak To Me” and Dream Too Much, she describes future Evanescence music at 11:06. The fan questions begin at 22:20, and she talks about “Take Cover” and more about Evanescence. Watch below:

In case you missed it, Amy Lee released her children’s album Dream Too Much last fall. She also shared an English-language cover of an Italian song, “Love Exists,” last month. Her newest solo single is “Speak To Me” from Voice From The Stone. She also has an upcoming song, “Through Your Eyes,” in the film Blind, starring Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore.

Evanescence just released a box set of all their albums on vinyl. It includes a new version of their Origin song, “Even In Death,” and a studio recording of “Lost Whispers.” It’s just our first taste of Evanescence in 2017. Later this year, the band will be releasing a new album. It will be the long-awaited followup to their self-titled third studio album, released in 2011. Stay tuned for more details on the new record, and keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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