Natasha Bedingfield Shares “Me Around You” Lyrics On Wedding Anniversary

Happy anniversary, Natasha Bedingfield and Matt Robinson! The couple married eight years ago on March 21, 2009 in Malibu. In celebration of their wedding anniversary, Natasha shared a photo of the happy couple with a heartfelt caption… including new song lyrics! She wrote out what seems to be the chorus of an unreleased song called “Me Around You.” Natasha wrote the song with Toby Gad a few years ago, and the song was registered on ASCAP in October 2014.

See the lyrics and anniversary post below:

I’m me around you, you’re you around me,
Not a thing to prove, no one else to be,
Just two kids playing hide & seek,
Looking for mystery, ruling our kingdom,
All the demons and dragons, fears and phantoms,
None of that matters
Cos I’m me around you and you’re you around me


Is Natasha’s sudden sharing of the “Me Around You” lyrics a preview of more to come? Will Natasha share the song as a single soon? Will she finally release a new album this year?  We can only hope that now, after five years in the studio, Natasha will finally be able to put out her long-awaited follow up to Strip Me.

2017 has already been off to a good start for Natasha musically. This Friday, Natasha will release a new song called “More Of Me,” recorded for the new Disney Channel show, Tangled: The Series. Next week, Natasha will also share her new song, “Love Looks Like.”

She’s been busy in the studio through last week, and recently 18 new songs of hers were registered on ASCAP. The last time she registered new song titles was in October 2014 when she added seven names. She also registered some songs in 2013.

Last year, Natasha released a song with Basto called “Unicorn.” In 2015, she released her own charity single, “Hope,” and a charity collaboration, “Love Song To The Earth.” Back in 2013, she also performed a new song called “I Like You.” Video and audio of that only recently surfaced.

Natasha has been working on new music for the better part of five years now. For the most part, she’s kept mum about a new record. Although she promised a new album “coming soon” in early 2013 and early 2014, she’s stopped mentioning albums altogether lately. However, she has been actively writing and demoing new songs. It’s unclear when Natasha will release a new album; it’s also unclear what’s holding her back. With any luck, we’ll get a new album from her in 2017. Fingers crossed!

Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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