Amy Lee Unveils Enchanting “Speak To Me” Music Video

Last week, Amy Lee released her new single, “Speak To Me.” She wrote and recorded the song for the new film, Voice From The Stone, back in 2015. It was that October when she also filmed a music video for the song, and now we can finally see the stunning clip. Eric D. Howell, the film’s director, directed the music video.

Like the movie, the “Speak To Me” music video was filmed in Tuscany in Italy. It starts in black and white, reminding Evanescence fans of the “My Immortal” video. But here, everything turns to color as Amy plays with a young child. They look like a perfect mother-son pair, mirroring the themes of Voice From The Stone.

The old Italian setting lends the video an enchanting, mysterious quality. Amy’s outfits – a flowing turquoise dress and a jeweled medieval gown – are also magical. Visually, the “Speak To Me” video draws out the beauty of its ethereal song.

Watch “Speak To Me” below:

If the music video is any indication, Voice From The Stone will be a moving and captivating film. It will be released in select theaters and on demand on April 28th. You can see the trailer now. The movie stars Game Of Throne‘s Emilia Clarke.

In addition to Voice From The Stone, Amy also has an upcoming song, “Through Your Eyes,” in the film Blind, starring Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore. She did the film scoring for Blind too, as she did for the 2014 movie War Story. That film score appeared on her own album, Aftermath.

Amy released her children’s album Dream Too Much last fall. She also shared an English-language cover of an Italian song, “Love Exists,” last month. Her band, Evanescence, just released a box set of all their albums on vinyl. It includes a new version of their Origin song, “Even In Death,” and a studio recording of “Lost Whispers.” It’s just our first taste of Evanescence in 2017.

Going forward, Amy’s focus will be Evanescence. The band is currently working on new music in the studio in between touring. Amy promises that the “different” new album will be out later this year. It will be the long-awaited followup to their self-titled third studio album, released in 2011.

Be sure to see Voice From The Stone once it comes out next month. You can buy two versions of “Speak To Me” on iTunes now, or stream it on Spotify. Keep checking back here for all the latest Amy Lee and Evanescence music news.

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  • March 31, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    I wish this music video was on Vevo. It would be nice since real music and Vevo can go together quite nicely. Don’t you think? I hate independent. Independent ruined creativity these days. I miss creativity is popular in the mainstream. I would be nice if there is an article about why creativity should stay popular in the mainstream. Independent and repeats are overrated these days.


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