Natasha Bedingfield Shares Music Video For New Single, “Let Go”

Today’s an exciting day for Natasha Bedingfield fans! She’s released not one, but TWO new songs! In addition to “More Of Me,” her Tangled: The Series soundtrack for Disney, Natasha has shared a new single called “Let Go.” And it comes with a music video!

Lyrically, “Let Go” is classic Natasha: Uplifting, cheery, and empowering. Though sometimes you feel like you just need to catch your breath, Natasha assures that you can’t let the little things get you down. Her advice instead? Enjoy the sunshine now. Let go of your troubles and enjoy life.

Musically, “Let Go” takes on an island beat complemented by horns. It fits the descriptive lyrics perfectly. While Natasha sings about crashing waves, sandy feet, and troubles washing out to sea, the music inspires just that.

The music video, sponsored by Nestea, will remind Natasha fans of “Pocketful Of Sunshine.” Both start with a stressful office scene, and both end up escaping to a better place. In this case, it’s a remote island beach with picturesque views and sunny weather.

Enjoy the “Let Go” video below. Then be sure to book that island vacation you’ve been craving.

With so much new music all of a sudden, is a full Natasha Bedingfield album on the way? Natasha has been writing and recording for a few years. In addition to various collaborations, she has released a few solo songs since her album Strip Me came out in 2010. She performed a new song called “I Like You” in 2013. Her charity song “Hope” debuted out in 2015, and in 2016 Natasha released her Basto collab, “Unicorn.”

Today, Natasha also shared a brand new single called “More Of Me” for the new Disney Channel show, Tangled: The Series. Later this month, Natasha will debut a new song called “Love Looks Like.”

Natasha has not yet confirmed when a new album will be ready for her fans to hear. But with any luck, 2017 will be the year. Nearly 20 new Natasha songs have recently appeared on ASCAP, hopefully indicating new music is ready for release. Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news. And in the meantime, enjoy “Let Go.” You can buy it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

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