Michelle Branch Shares Dreamy “Fault Line” Ahead Of Album Release

Since announcing her new album, Hopeless Romantic, two months ago, Michelle Branch has been quietly building up excitement in her patient, loyal fans. So far, we’ve gotten to see music videos for the title track and “Best You Ever.” Today, Michelle is teasing her third and final song ahead of the album’s release with “Fault Line.”

“Fault Line” starts with a drum beat and dreamy, atmospheric music. Michelle sings about a couple pulled in opposite directions, a hopeless relationship that can’t be saved. The chorus highlights her delicate head voice, and her best vocals from Hopeless Romantic yet. “Fault Line” is a bittersweet, pop-infused song most similar to Michelle’s debut album.

Michelle talked to HelloGiggles about “Fault Line” in a recent interview:

It’s one of my favorites. For me, the song is really about that point in a relationship where you know it’s past the point of fixing. It’s beyond repair and you’re watching it unravel before your eyes. You enter with the best intentions, but no matter how hard you try or care about one another, somehow you still hurt each other.

Listen to “Fault Line” below:

Hopeless Romantic is available for pre-order from iTunes and Amazon now. Although the album comes out next Friday on April 7th, pre-orders come with instant downloads of all three songs. Michelle will also embark on a tour after the album’s release. Stay tuned for dates around Europe and North America. Keep checking back here for all the latest Michelle Branch music news.

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