Final Details About Paramore’s Upcoming Fifth Album

Paramore’s new album is almost ready, and a lot of big news has popped up in the last few weeks. Last month, Paramore confirmed that Zac Farro is officially back! Though the drummer and co-founder left the band with his brother, guitarist Josh Farro, back in 2010, Zac has reunited with frontwoman Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York. He played drums on Paramore’s upcoming fifth album, though he didn’t officially rejoin the band until more recently.

Earlier this month, twelve new song titles appeared on ASCAP. Most of the new songs are written by Hayley and Taylor, though a few include Zac as a co-writer. This contradicts what Zac said last August; he likely contributed to the songs later on. Here are the new song titles we know that could appear on album #5:

  1. “Caught In The Middle”
  2. “Fake Happy”
  3. “Forgiveness”
  4. “Grudges”
  5. “Hard Times”
  6. “Idle Worship”
  7. “Idle Worship Outro”
  8. “Pool”
  9. “Rose Colored Boy”
  10. “Tell Me How”
  11. “Told You So”
  12. “What It Costs”

At this point, we’re just weeks or months away from Paramore’s upcoming fifth album. They recorded the album between March and October 2016. This will be their first as a trio with Zac rather than ex-bassist Jeremy Davis.

We’re just waiting for the announcement now. Luckily, Hayley has shared a few details about the new music while we wait:

More news is sure to follow in the coming weeks. The title, release date, tracklisting, and cover art should be available soon, as well as the first single. Catch up on all we know so far, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Paramore’s upcoming fifth album.

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