Welcome To… BANKS: 10 Songs You Need To Hear Now

Welcome to… BANKS. A Los Angeles native, Jillian Banks – better known simply as BANKS – has been taking the alternative R&B and alternative pop worlds by storm with her unique, resolutely dark music. She burst onto the scene in 2013 with two EPs, Fall Over and London. In 2014, her first full-length album, Goddess, enchanted and won over critics and peers alike. The biggest hit it launched was her moody, infectious single “Beggin For Thread.” Last year, she followed her debut up with the more intimate The Altar, led by her single “Gemini Feed.”

So you want to get into BANKS’ music? Start off with these ten songs. Trust us when we say these singles and album tracks will win you over.

From her 2014 debut album, Goddess:

  1. “Beggin’ For Thread”
  2. “This Is What It Feels Like”
  3. “Waiting Game”
  4. “Fall Over”
  5. “Drowning”

From her 2016 sophomore record, The Altar:

  1. “Trainwreck”
  2. “Judas”
  3. “To The Hilt”
  4. “27 Hours”
  5. “Gemini Feed”

We bet you liked what you heard. Now that you’ve enjoyed this captivating introduction, give BANKS some more love by checking out her full albums. Both Goddess and The Altar are on Spotify and iTunes. You may also want to hear her 2015 stand-alone single “Better” and her 2013 EPs (though those songs did reappear on Goddess).

What songs did we miss? Do you have a better playlist of songs to initiate fans into BANKS’ music? Let us know what songs you’d choose! If you liked our playlist, tell us what your favorite song was.

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