Hear Up-And-Coming Singer JAQ.’s Debut Single, “Starving 2”

You may not have heard of her yet, but trust us when we say JAQ. is an artist you need to hear. Originally from Connecticut, JAQ. (full name Jackie Lipson) moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. She auditioned for season 10 of The Voice in 2016 with a performance of Elle King’s hit “Ex’s And Oh’s,”  and although none of the judges picked her, JAQ. is still in LA working her way up in the music world. Today, JAQ. released her debut single, “Starving 2,” via 1920 Records.

“Starving 2” is a dark indie-pop song that shows off JAQ.’s hypnotic vocals and vivid lyrics. The song describes a desperate yearning for someone, making comparisons to the relief you feel when you finally find them. But ultimately JAQ. worries that her feelings may be unreciprocated. “Starving 2” is also comes with a lovely lyric video.

Check out “Starving 2” below:

After hearing “Starving 2,” you may want to learn a bit more about JAQ.:

JAQ. spent decades growing up in rural CT. Knowing the state was far too small to contain her she fled to NYC to study Acting at Pace University. During that time she fell in love with the city’s charm and energy. Unfortunately, where her heart led her, her wallet couldn’t keep up and JAQ. moved back home to live with family. Throughout those years JAQ. was playing acoustic music and writing a lot but wasn’t quite sure where she fit.

In July 2016 JAQ. was invited to fly out to LA to audition for NBC’s The Voice. Though a “chair turn” wasn’t in the cards, JAQ. formed an incredible support network of new musician friends who eventually followed her out to LA where she lives currently. Since moving, JAQ. has discovered a deep passion for electronic music and is working on an album set to release in early 2018. Meanwhile she is moonlighting as a cat wrangler.

“Starving 2” is just our first taste of JAQ.’s own music. She’s currently working on a full album, set for release in early 2018. You can learn more, and even help her out, on her GoFundMe page. In the meantime, you can stream “Starving 2” on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Keep checking back here for more on JAQ. and all the latest music news.

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