New Kelly Clarkson Song “It Matters To Me” Registered On BMI

Kelly Clarkson is hard at work recording her 7th studio album. After 14 years with RCA, she signed with Atlantic Records last summer, and her next album is going to be soulful pop rather than the pop rock we’re used to hearing from her. She shared plenty of studio updates along the way, and revealed tons of details in interviews. In January, a partial demo of a country song called “Soap And Water” leaked. In February, Kelly also confirmed that she’s in the final stages of her album. Last month, Kelly shared some more studio videos with her fans. Now, we have a new song title that may appear on her upcoming album.

A new song called “It Matters To Me” appeared on BMI as of this April. Kelly Clarkson wrote it along with Josh Gabbard and Joshua Miller. Although Kelly is an ASCAP artist, the song has not been registered there yet. See the BMI details of the song below: Kelly Clarkson - It Matters To Me - BMI

“It Matters To Me” seems to be a new title, though it’s possible that it’s an old song that, for some reason, only just now got registered. On the other hand, it may in fact be a new song. If it is new, it could appear on Kelly’s upcoming album!

How do you think “It Matters To Me” will sound? Are you excited to hear this on Kelly’s soulful new record?

Catch up on all we know about Kelly’s upcoming album, and keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news, too. We’re sure to get more studio updates and interviews as Kelly continues recording the new album. We may get to hear the first single later this month, so stay tuned!

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