Welcome To… Florence + The Machine: 16 Songs To Kick-Start Your Obsession

If you’re craving some music that’s a little different from your average radio pop song, look no further than Florence + The Machine. You’ve probably heard some of their songs – perhaps “Dog Days Are Over” or their cover of “You’ve Got The Love,” or maybe “Shake It Out” or “What Kind Of Man”. The band has gotten their fair share of award nominations, too. And for good reason. Their sound is a unique blend of baroque pop, indie and art rock, folk, and neo soul.  Frontwoman Florence Welsh is the primary songwriter, and her voice is as distinctive as it is powerful.

Florence + The Machine is the kind of band that anyone can love, no matter your preferred genre. Their music reaches across boundaries, impresses and shocks, and ultimately stays with you. If you’re looking for something a little left of center, yet still readily enjoyable, give this band a listen.

Here are 16 songs to kick-start your Florence + The Machine obsession. The songs – singles and album tracks included – span the band’s three albums so far.

From their 2009 debut album, Lungs:

  1. “Dog Days Are Over”
  2. “Cosmic Love”
  3. “Howl”
  4. “Hurricane Drunk”
  5. “Blinding”

From their 2011 followup, Ceremonials:

  1. “Spectrum”
  2. “Breaking Down”
  3. “Lover To Lover”
  4. “Seven Devils”
  5. “Strangeness And Charm”

From their 2015 record, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful:

  1. “What Kind Of Man”
  2. “Ship To Wreck”
  3. “Queen Of Peace” and “Long & Lost” (2 songs in one video)
  4. “Mother”
  5. “Hiding”

What do you think of these 16 songs? Any tracks we should have included instead? Let us know in the comments below.

If you liked those (and we know you did), be sure to delve into their three albums. They also have a handful of other recordings released as part of soundtracks that you’ll want to hear.

You’ll also be excited to know that Florence + The Machine is working on their fourth album. It probably won’t be out this year, but should be ready sometime in 2018. We’ll keep you posted on the upcoming record as more details become available.

Keep checking back here for all the latest Florence + The Machine music news, as well as more introductory playlists for a range of bands and singers. We also offer plenty of other blogs, playlists, news stories, and in-depth looks at albums and songs.

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