Music Matchup: Vote For Your Favorite Song Called “Bang Bang”

“Bang Bang” is a surprisingly popular song title. It’s an even more popular name among singles. So we picked out four songs that share the name.

First up is Green Day’s recent Revolution Radio single, released last summer. This version of “Bang Bang” is the newest, and also the most political tune of the bunch. This song served as the lead single for their impressive new album, and Green Day performed a fiery (and topical) version of it at the American Music Awards last November.

Next up is probably the most widely popular version here. In 2014, Jessie J teamed up with Ariana Grande and Nick Minaj to record “Bang Bang” for her third album, Sweet Talker, released that fall. The trio’s single became a big hit.

Perhaps less known is Melanie Fiona’s third single off her 2009 debut album, The Bridge. Her soulful R&B pop version of “Bang Bang” was only sent to radio in the UK and her native Canada.

Finally, the oldest “Bang Bang” we have here comes from Somalian rapper/singer K’NAAN. His song features Maroon 5’s Adam Levine on the chorus. They released the song in late 2008 ahead of K’NAAN’s sophomore album, Troubadour. That’s the same record that gave us his hit, “Wavin’ Flag.”

Listen to all four versions of “Bang Bang” in the playlist below:

And now for the moment of truth. After hearing the four songs above, it’s time to decide which one you like best. Vote for your favorite version of “Bang Bang” below:

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All in good fun. Regardless of which song wins the poll, we love all four tracks. And it’s always fun to hear out different songs can sound despite having the same name.

Come back next week for another music matchup between songs that have only their name in common. Also be sure to check out all the latest news, blogs, and playlists we offer.

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