Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Songs For Mom

Guess what time of year it is. That’s right, it’s the time when we celebrate the wonderful mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day is when we give thanks to the moms who raised us, taught us almost everything we know, and continue to guide us even as we get older ourselves. And with such important role models in our lives, it’s no surprise that a lot of music is about moms, too.

How many of us grew up listening to music with mom? How many of us continue to share music with mom? Well, here are some new songs you can share together. Here’s a playlist of songs written for mom or as a mom. Songs from daughter and son to mother and songs from mother to child. Enjoy these 20 songs this Mother’s Day:

  1. Meghan Trainor feat. Kelli Trainor – “Mom”
  2. Shakira – “The One Thing”
  3. Alicia Keys feat. A$AP Rocky – “Blended Family (What You Do For Love)”
  4. Adele – “Sweetest Devotion”
  5. Florence + The Machine – “Mother”
  6. Ozzy Osbourne – “Mama, I’m Coming Home”
  7. Good Charlotte – “Thank You Mom”
  8. Madonna – “Little Star”
  9. Beyoncé feat. Blue Ivy – “Blue”
  10. Christina Aguilera – “Oh Mother”
  11. Lauryn Hill – “To Zion”
  12. Snoop Dogg – “I Love My Momma”
  13. 2Pac – “Dear Mama”
  14. Spice Girls – “Mama”
  15. Taylor Swift – “The Best Day”
  16. Foxboro Hot Tubs – “Mother Mary”
  17. Danzig – “Mother”
  18. Alicia Keys – “Kill Your Mama”
  19. BANKS – “Mother Earth”
  20. Kelly Clarkson – “River Rose’s Magical Lullaby”

Moms: We hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day playlist. And everyone who has a mom: Send this playlist over to your mommy and tell her how much you love her. Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep checking back here for more playlists, blogs, and music news. We’ll have a Father’s Day playlist for all the dads out there next month.

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