Evanescence Announces New Album ‘Synthesis’

After months of teasing a new special project, Evanescence has finally announced their new album and tour. This fall, the band will release Synthesis. But this isn’t your ordinary new Evanescence album. As frontwoman Amy Lee explains, the album takes their previously-released songs and reimagines them as more orchestral or electronic compositions. They are not remixes, but rather newly recorded versions done from the ground up. In addition to Evanescence songs we already know and love, the album will include two new compositions as well.

They worked with David Campbell on the new recordings. Amy describes the songs as fitting together in the way that a classical orchestral piece or soundtrack would. This connects back to the film scoring she’s down lately for movies like War Story and Blind.

In addition to Synthesis the album, Evanescence also announces a Synthesis Tour. This fall, Evanescence will tour in support of the new album along with a full orchestra.

Watch Amy Lee’s announcement video below:


I want to take this moment to officially announce, and briefly explain, the new Evanescence project, Synthesis. We’re calling it that because it is a synthesis – the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, and also the past and the present.

This album is about orchestra and electronica. We’re taking our music, taking out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums, and replacing it with full orchestration and a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds. We’ve gone through our entire catalog of music and picked out the songs that are made to be heard this way. And we’re sewing them together, from the ground up. This isn’t a remix. We’re not pulling things out and putting it out. We’re starting from the ground up, at different tempos, with different parts, intros and outros and segues. And new pieces. And putting this all together like one big piece of music. Like one big classical piece, or sort of like a soundtrack, actually. In a lot of ways it sounds like the soundtrack of my life.

In addition to all the Evanescence songs that you already know, there are also going to be two completely new and original compositions as well.

We’re collaborating on this with the legendary David Campbell, who arranged the strings for all three of our albums. This time he’s coming to the table with way more. Full orchestra, meaning woodwinds and brass and strings and harp, and just the whole thing. It’s just really awesome.

So far, the band has not revealed which songs will appear on Synthesis. We can only guess that it may include singles like “My Immortal” and “Bring Me To Life.” What songs do you think it will include?

This will be the band’s first album in six years. Evanescence’s last full album, Evanescence, came out in October 2011, producing singles like “What You Want” and “My Heart Is Broken.” After touring for the album, the band went on hiatus.

Frontwoman Amy Lee had a son named Jack Lion with her husband and pursued a number of music projects without the band. In 2014, she released a solo album called Aftermath, comprised of music she had written for the independent film War Story. Late in 2015, she shared four covers of well-known songs before releasing them as an EP the following January. In September 2016, Amy released a second solo album, this time made up of children’s music. Called Dream Too Much, it included some original songs mixed with covers. In early 2017, Amy released an English-language cover of an Italian song called “Love Exists,” followed by an original song called “Speak To Me” for the new film Voice From The Stone. Amy has also composed a new song “Through Your Eyes” for the upcoming film Blind.

Evanescence, meanwhile, had some significant internal changes. The band left Wind-up Records, making them independent for the first time in over a decade. Guitarist Terry Balsamo left the band in 2015, and was replaced by Jen Majura. Evanescence has toured here and there over the years, and debuted a new old song called “Take Cover” in 2016. That song is a leftover from the early Evanescence studio sessions. In early 2017, the band released a vinyl boxset of all their albums – including Origin and a collection of previously released bonus tracks and two new recordings.

Synthesis will be out this fall. Stay tuned for announcements about the tracklisting and exact release date. We’ll also keep you posted on fall tour dates. Catch up on all we know about the album so far. Keep checking back here for all the latest on Synthesis.

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